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NCI's flagship joint health product range. Recogen is a well known brand that helps you to maintain and improve your joint health. Recogen, Keeps You Moving!

NCI’s Bone K+ is a unique concept containing Krill oil (a rich source of Omega 3), Vitamin D and K. Bone K+ supports both bone and joint health.

NCI's new generation organic Aged Black Garlic extract is standardized in S-Allyl Cystein (SAC) by HPLC (>0.1%). The antioxidative power of SAC helps promote good heart health and supports immunity.

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29 February 2020

FAQ-BODYSOS 2020 and NCI Promotion

BodySOS 2020 event is postponed until further notice.
21 February 2020

Statement on BodySOS 2020 Event

Statement on BodySOS 2020 Event


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Our products can be found at our distributors in some countries. We also ship direct to selected countries like Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong etc.

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