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Our Story

Welcome to NutraCeutical Ingredients Pte. Ltd. (NCI Health)

Founded in 2004, we are now one of the most trusted providers of health, nutrition and beauty products in Singapore.

Our headquarter is in Singapore and our focus on R&D has helped to create unique products to stay ahead of our competitors. Currently our products are sold in Singapore and Malaysia through our self-operated outlet, pharmacies and e-shopping sites (Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee).


We have been in business since May 1988

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Natural Colloids Industries Pte Ltd (www.natural-colloids.com), one of Singapore 's leading suppliers in food gums & stabilizer systems serving the food and non food industries such as pharmaceutical & cosmetic since May 1988. NutraCeutical Ingredients Pte. Ltd. (NCI) was established in August 2004.

Our first product - RECOGEN

Officially launched in August 2004, Recogen was first sold through major pharmacies in Singapore. Over the years, through word of mouth, Recogen became a trusted brand for customers who wish to improve their quality of life with better joint health.





In-house Formulation

 New product developments typically takes 2-4 years depending on the complexity of the project. From idea to execution, it's all done inside our   in-house lab at the main office.

 Our focus has always been on a small range of quality products. All products' ingredients are easily traced to their country of origin and place of   manufacture. 





Always Improving For Our Customers

We take our customers' feedbacks seriously. Our customers wanted Recogen to be in sachet packs as it's more convenient and less risk of the powder caking up inside the old canister packaging. In 2015, we changed all Recogen to the current sachet packs.

Innovative products

We are the first in Singapore to launch a Bone health focused product using Krill oil, Vitamin D and Vitamin K called "BONE K+".

Bone K+ is in line with our mission to use only the finest ingredients that are backed by science and are safe for long term consumption.



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