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Member Benefits

NCI Membership and Points

Since 1st January 2012, we have introduced a reward points system for our customers. This points system and other membership rewards is only available for purchases made at our outlet at Ubi and for online purchases delivered within Singapore.

If you have any enquiries regarding this program, please call us at +65 6744 5566 or email us direct.

Membership Policy

When making the first purchase online from www.nci-health.com, the customer will become a member automatically. Membership is applicable only when the purchase is made successfully. The login ID is your email address and password is as typed by the customer. This login ID and password is for your usage for purchases made online only.

Customers can login to change the password and personal information. Customers can also change on the status of their purchase by logging in. Customer information is captured in our www.nci-health.com database to speed up the check out process when customer makes subsequent purchase. We do not sell your information and we do not have access or store your credit card details anywhere.

By default, customer will receive newsletter and promotional material via email or mail. If you do not wish to receive, please deactivate the newsletter option in your account.

If you have further questions regarding our member policy, please call us at +65 6744 5566 or send email to sales@nci-health.com.

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