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Recogen® with Calcium 300g


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  German quality Bioactive Collagen Peptides. 

Excellent solubility in water!

Recogen® is a food and diet supplement that benefits both young and elderly suffering from joint pains. Now in convenient sachet pack with added Calcium for both bones and joints health maintenance!

  • 100% pure Bioactive Collagen Peptides - Each sachet contains 9,000mg of Bioactive Collagen Peptides with 1,000mg of calcium lactate
  • 30 convenient sachets to allow you to take Recogen® anywhere with you
  • Suitable for bone and joint health
  • A collagen prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagenous bovine materials (skin of healthy cattles)
  • Free from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (which causes Mad Cow Disease)
  • Has an extremely low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons
  • Supported by 30 years of proven clinical studies
  • No known side effects
  • Easily digested and readily absorbed
  • Dissolves easily, odourless & tasteless
  • Daily intake will aid in regeneration of cartilage and collagen-containing tissues
  • Recogen® is HALAL certified by MUIS Singapore.













Better for bones

Not just for joints health, collagen is important for the absorption of calcium. Bone structure is like a brick wall. Calcium are the bricks but the body requires collagen as the cement to hold the bricks together. We recommend taking Recogen® together with calcium.

BOX DIMENSIONS: 13.0cm (L) x 10.2cm (W) x 15.4cm (H)

BOX CONTENT: 30 x 10g sachets


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100% pure Bioactive Collagen Peptides - Each sachet contains 9,000mg of Bioactive Collagen Peptides with 1,000mg of calcium lactate


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Dissolve Recogen® into plain water or any drink. For mild to moderate symptoms: Take 10 grams a day for a month followed by 5 grams per day. For severe symptoms: Take 10 grams a day for at least 3 months.

Do avoid adding Recogen® to boiling hot water as it will destroy the nutritional properties of Recogen®. Where possible, consume Recogen® in the morning as Recogen® can provide you with energy content to start the day.

Every box of Recogen® comes with 30 sachets. Use 1 sachet a day to get your required amount of Recogen®. 1 sachet = 10 grams of Recogen®.

Due to the constant breakdown and regeneration of collagen, research shows that symptoms may re-occur if use of the supplement is discontinued.

Add Recogen to your favourite beverages!


Hear some testimonials from our customers :)

Lim Chuan Hock, 53 years old - My wife has been taking Recogen Gold for her joint pain for some time. She used to have problems walking, therefore seldom like to go out to shop even though that is her favourite pastime. After taking Recogen, her knee and ankles no longer has the troublesome sharp pain. She now even can jog in the park to exercise and lose weight, so she can buy more clothes for herself. Thanks Recogen for giving her a healthier and stronger joints!


  • Women age over 45  years old
  • Men age over 70 years old 
  • Do not consume enough calcium in their daily diet

    Each package contains 1000 mg of calcium, enough to supplement the daily calcium intake of the average person